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Transportation by air - Warsaw Rules

The Warsaw convention, originally signed off (in Warsaw) in 1929, was and remains so, the international convention drawn up to regulate liability regarding the carriage by air of person, luggage, and cargo (but not postal packets or mail). Subsequent amendments were undertaken and agreed at the Hague, and in Montreal, in 1955 and 1975 respectively. 

The carrier has a liability in respect of damages, losses and delays to cargo whilst in their charge, both in an airport, and on board an aircraft, but not whilst the cargo is en-route to/from an airport. 

In essence, liability under the Warsaw convention is fixed at 17 SDR's per kilo for verified cargo, although convention does allow for higher limits of liability to be pre-agreed between shipper and carrier. The exporter is responsible for the accurate declaration of cargo. 

The Warsaw convention is applicable when both party states, i.e. the country of departure, and the country of destination, are both signatories to the convention.

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