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Lightwood is an independent Company formed 1997, with hard work it has grown into the successful tight knit organisation it is today, providing personal service at all levels.

Spend a moment to put faces to the names of our team of professionals who can guide you through the sometimes complex problems of International Shipping, Customs etc.

Click over these pages and see just what a broad base is available to prospective clients who wish to move freight swiftly, safely and economically to or from other countries.

Whatever the need, Lightwood is here to do it: - Collecting, Checking, Packing, Weighing, Labelling, Loading, Securing, Shipping and Delivering anything from packages to pallets, machinery, vehicles, drums, bundles and bars.

Hazardous, Non-hazardous, soft furnishings, rolls, the list is almost endless, stopping short of livestock and perishables – at the moment.
But it does not have to stop there. We are always receptive to new ideas and ways of extending activities to complement the existing services we provide.

And we like a challenge… if you have any requirements please give us a call

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