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Lightwood Logistics have arranged competitive cargo insurance, generally known as ‘marine insurance’, policy no: 112778.LL, direct with Lloyd’s Underwriters Lonham Marine Cargo, covering the risks of damage or loss to cargo whilst in transit.

Unfortunately, accidents do happen, and for an infinite number of reasons - it is how those events are handled and managed that will minimise the inconveniences to the end users (the customers). It is important to realise that all haulage contractors, warehouses, ship owners and airlines do not, and cannot,offer unlimited liability, i.e. ‘free’ insurance. Liability is always limited, and is quite variable, depending on the mode of transport, applicable national and international law, and the place of occurrence.


Whenever goods are transported, anywhere in the world, risks are inherent, most of which are difficult to manage directly by the goods owners. Examples of such risks may be:

  • pilferage, maybe even hijack

  • exposure to the elements, especially salt water

  • temperature variations

  • accidents during transit, such as rough handling, dropping of the cargo, or inadvertent fork-lift damage

  • disaster, such as vehicle fire or accidents, ships sinking, or aircraft crashing



Apart from the obvious, e.g. the total or partial loss of goods or damages to those goods, companies ought to consider the consequential effects on their own organisations, and to their customers. Poorly handled incidents damage customer relationships and confidence.


By purchasing Marine insurance from Lightwood, we can:

  • Arrange insurance ‘door to door’

  • Ensure that the cost of replacing lost or damaged goods does not become a financial burden to the owners.

  • Provide expert guidance in procedures to be followed

  • Put you in contact with Approved Loss Adjusters throughout the world, for claims assessment and advice

  • Arrange for full compensation of losses and/or damages, including related additional expenditure

  • Plan for speedy claims settlement, either at origin, or at destination

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