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Cars and boats and planes……………………. and that’s absolutely true.

We can load and secure almost anything. How your goods are secured depends entirely upon their weight and shape.

Many parts of the world work on the British electrical system and weekly, if not daily, we load 5, 6, 7 tonne cable drums and lash them down to prevent movement and damage.

Cars are another common export. Not just exotic, luxury, sports, vintage or veteran, but ordinary saloons for returning residents to Mauritius, Seychelles, South Africa, Caribbean etc.

Customers can either bring the vehicle in themselves if it is roadworthy, or we can arrange for collection on trailer.

Upon receipt the vehicle is inspected and a report agreed with the owner's representative. This not only covers the outside appearance, but also includes such things as contents, spare wheel, tools, mats, Satnav and so on.

Each model is lashed down with tested web strapping plus a system of wood chocking at each wheel. The cost is modest for the peace of mind it brings.

An economy alternative is available and this consists of simply nailing directly through the cars tyres into the container floor, but this is not recommended.

Also what's not a good idea is to try and load aircraft with the wings in place as it gets messy. Normally the aero engineers attend to removing the sticky out bits which we carefully secure up high in the container leaving the floor space for the aeroplane’s fuselage. Great care has to be taken with these as they are of course very light and fragile.

Other items to load may well include boats, road rollers, gensets, jet skis, tractors, trailers, caravans, fast food kiosks, masts, lamp posts, grain hoppers and a host of other things….

Low height Fire Engines for the British Virgin Isles Fire and Rescue Service.

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