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Part of our warehouse facilities is designated for Import and Export cargo.  We receive Export consignments for various part of the globe, mark and place in specifically allocated bays so that we can easily retrieve them when needed.  Our main expertise is to safely stow the amount of goods to maximise income for trailer of LCL container operators without compromising integrity.

Many consignments are awkward shapes, sizes, weights and may require special attention, nevertheless we regularly load 70 cubic metre trailers and 60 cbm boxes.

Our warehouse and staff regularly handle hazardous cargo as defined by IMCO.

Talk to our staff and you will soon learn that we know what we are talking about when it comes to goupage: pallet work, drums, bales, rolls, handball, sheet steel, bundled steel, skids, effects, cars, boats, trailers, false walls, false floors - we may not have seen everything but we have seen most of what the normal commercial world wants to ship by road, sea or air.

The key to a successful groupage operation is experience, flexibility, technique and care of the goods.

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