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THE CMR CONVENTION 1956 Transportation by road

The Convention on the contract for the International Carriage of Goods by road - known as CMR - was ratified in Geneva in 1956, and governs all road journeys that commence or finish in which one or both countries are party to the Convention. This includes most European countries, the U.K. acceding to the Convention in 1967. 

There are several excepted risks, such as wrong instructions and/or neglect of the claimant and inherent vice, but generally-speaking the carrier is liable for loss, damage, or delays whilst the goods are under their charge, i.e. from the time of taking over the goods, to the time of the subsequent delivery of those goods. The carrier is also liable for the actions of their sub-contractors, servants or agents. 

Paperwork accompanying the goods, most often a CMR-note, must carry the following information:- 

Name and address of the consignor Name and address of the consignee Name and address of the carrier Description of the goods Weight Number of packages 

The exporter/shipper remains legally responsible for the provision of accurate information. 

Compensation is calculated at 8.33 SDR's per kilo gross weight.

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