Shipping to Madagascar

Do you need to send cargo to Madagascar ?

We are the specialists in sending cargo to Madacascar

Transport to Madagascar

Our service to Madacascar is by container transport

Departs every two weeks from Harlow / Epping

Experts in packing, loading and securing cargo

Commercial cargo insurance available

Car transport insurance available

"Packed by us" personal and household effects insurance available

"Owner packed" personal and household insurance available

When sending a groupage shipment to Madacascar, the most important thing is the loading and securing of the goods in the container. At Lightwood we are experts in packing, loading and securing cargo of all types.


when recieving goods -we never forget that we are effectively ‘our customers eyes’, and we check all incoming goods for both quantity and condition, informing you immediately  (by photograph where appropriate) of any observed discrepancies.

Transport UK to Madagascar