Overseas Removals

Shipping and Forwarding Personal effects

For many years Lightwood have been storing and shipping personal effects to various parts of the globe. Unlike the removals business which utilises one vehicle to move from A to B, overseas shipping requires considerably more preparation. Lorries or containers may be “out turned" for examination by Customs Authorities (not noted for their delicate handling skills) at the port of Entry.

Rough seas have to be catered for as well as possible rough handling. Sometimes goods have to be unloaded and transferred to smaller vehicles to get access to the new home and the more handling the greater risk of damage.

Packing thus needs to be more substantial to cope with this. Also, unless the packages are individually marked and correctly recorded there is a risk of items going missing.

Quite often Vendors have to move out before their overseas property is ready or because they want to rent for a while before committing permanently. In that case we can provide safe, dry storage. Effects are carefully put into large wooden cases within an alarmed and monitored warehouse until customers are ready for them to go.

Part of our service is a free visit and survey at the customer’s home in order to explain just how things work, answer any queries, agree when and how best to do the move, to make positive suggestions and produce a realistic estimate in writing.

Sometimes if the situation is right, the packing and loading onto the International vehicle or container can all be done virtually at the same time, but where access is difficult or the goods are to go into storage it has to be collected on a “domestic” vehicle.

Sometimes, customers want to pack some items themselves. Maybe, because they have articles of great sentimental value or particularly fragile they feel they cannot trust them to a “stranger” Usually after a visit the fears are allayed and the customer realises that the experience and materials we provide is far better than they can do themselves. But there is no hard sell - if a client wants to do some or all of the packing then that is their right so far as we are concerned.

We will still quite happily provide trade cartons, bubble, tissue etc at reasonable prices.

When on site, our team has a leader - an “old hand” - who takes charge to make sure everything runs smoothly and properly and the client is happy at all times. He can make decisions on the spot and liaise with the office, shipping line etc.

An inventory is made and a copy left with the Client for checking off when goods arrive at the other end. lf the effects are loaded into a container then this will be “sealed” in the customers presence for peace of mind. When the container arrives this seal will be intact unless Customs intervene.

Depending upon what has been arranged, this can be the end of our involvement or there is a full service available in most countries to unload and take goods in, unpack and even take away the wrappings for disposal.