J. Blount

Dear Dexter,

I just had to send you a customer satisfaction letter. I just received my goods from England. First of all, the packaging and crating are unbelievable. The quality of wood and the workmanship was amazing. Even the shipping company I picked up the two crates from commented on the quality of crates.

Once the crates were opened and we saw how everything was packed and wrapped, again we were amazed. The items I had send from my mum’s apartment, was a lot of crystal, glass, china and ornaments, not to mention the wall unit, mirror, chest of drawers. So far everything I have opened, not a scratch, dent or crack – unbelievable. I can’t thank you enough for the care my mum’s items received, they are all I have left of her and a lot of items were childhood memories, so very precious to me.

Dexter, I wish you years of success and must commend you on your professionalism, your quality of work, the great crew of people you have working for you and say you are “A” one. I would highly recommend you to anyone.

Yours Sincerely

Joan Blount

By Joan Blount, Inter Island Shipping & Travel Ltd, 16/09/2008